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Experienced and empathetic leader with a demonstrated history of working for fully remote tech start ups. Skilled in business planning, forecasting, project management, operations, team assembly and motivation. 


Collision: Getting Out From Under the Algorithm

Thursday, June 29 15:40 - 16:05

Join Canadian music legend and technologist Raine Maida, Bandzoogle CEO Stacey Bedford and tech journalist Erin Gee as they discuss the importance of owning data, the value of direct-to-fan interaction, and how to break the big platforms' algorithms.


Direct Fan Engagement & Monetization Strategies


As engagement rates within social media, editorial playlists, and traditional press channels continually decrease, artist revenues are increasingly dependent on whether a team directly can engage and communicate with their fans and community. Artist teams' ownership and access to fan contact information and other data has been a continually-growing service offered by marketing tech companies and an emerging standard offered by points of sale—especially in the contexts of merchandise and ticketing.

Canadian Music Week 2023

Following the money: New revenue streams for artists

"We’ve all heard streaming stories where millions of ears equal hundreds of dollars. Hyperbole or not, it is true that artists are unlikely to pay their bills with one revenue source. Successful performers seek multiple monetary streams to carry on. This session will examine multiple options for artists, managers and rights-holders to add to their income. Among them: Music publishing, merchandise, sync deals, live performances and brand partnerships."

Female Entrepreneur Musician

Stacey Bedford, the CEO of Bandzoogle, talks about how musicians make money online. Stacey was previously on the podcast in 2021, where she talked about how much Bandzoogle helped musicians and increased sales during the pandemic. Now, she discusses the milestone of Bandzoogle as the sales exploded with $100M.

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